Northampton Cyber Academy

What is the Northampton Cyber Academy?

The Northampton Area School District has entered into an agreement to provide a cyber academy for the district.  The program offers a variety of options to meet the needs of individual students.  The Northampton Cyber Academy provides the following benefits:

      • Flexible options for students to reach individual goals
  • The ability to receive a diploma from the NASD
  • The opportunity to complete coursework entirely online
  • The opportunity for students to remain a part of the school community through participation in NASD extra curricular activities
  • Networking meetings where students and parents can share course experiences and discuss all aspects of online learning
  • Remedial, on-level, advanced, and AP course options available
  • Personalized support from the NASD administrative team and counseling department
  • Refer to the PowerPoint Presentation below for additional information